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Offering Montreal's most beautiful and reliable eyelash extensions since 2005

Katô Makeup is proud to offer the most trusted eyelash extension service in Montreal. With thousands of applications to date, our lash extension service is based on safety and hygiene, the highest quality products and our extensive experience providing beautiful and reliable eyelash extensions.

Kato Makeup is recognized as practicing the highest standards of safety and hygiene. Visit the Health Canada website for more information.

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  1. What are the benefits of semi-permanent eyelash extensions?
  2. Do they look real? Feel real?
  3. How are they applied?
  4. How long do they last?
  5. Can I wear eye makeup with my lash extensions?
  6. What should I be looking for when using the service?
  7. What is included in the cost of the service?

1- What are the benefits of semi-permanent eyelash extensions?  
Semi-permanent eyelash extensions give you the look of long, full lashes all the time. There’s no need for mascara, and that glamorous look is always ready first thing in the morning.

2- Do they look real? Feel real?  
Yes. Katô lash extensions give you a natural look and feel. They feature what’s called a tapered J-curl, which means they are slightly curved to look authentic. They also come in various lengths, thicknesses and colors to compliment everyone’s natural eyelashes. When properly applied, you should not feel any difference after having your lashes enhanced with our lash extensions.

3- How are they applied?  
The eyelash extensions are applied individually to your existing eyelashes. The process is comfortable and relaxing. After a short consultation, Katô can determine the look that is right for you. She will never apply lashes that are too heavy or too long for your natural lashes, which helps to keep them healthy and strong.

4- How long do they last?  
The first application can last up to two months, and with regular monthly touchups they can last as long as six months. They are water resistant, so you can swim and shower worry free.

5- Can I wear eye makeup with my lash extensions?  
With the proper application mascara is no longer necessary. If you’d like to wear mascara, there are certain types that are well suited for eyelash extensions. Ask us about lash extension friendly mascara.

6- What should I be looking for when using the service?  
When looking for a semi-permanent eyelash extension service, always look for:

  1. Safety & Hygiene. Visit Health Canada for more information.
  2. Qualified, trained and certified beauty professionals
  3. The right technique
  4. Quality products
  5. Great service

Never settle for anything less than the best. Incomplete training or training from a DVD can lead to poor results and even serious injury. Health Canada has banned these types of services from operation in Canada, and you should avoid them as well. Katô Makeup is proud to be among the original companies to have helped create the Health Canada guidelines for safety and hygiene. We follow these guidelines very closely ourselves.

Only licensed industry professionals are trained and certified to provide Katô Makeup lash extensions, and each requires hours of practice time for eligibility. When it comes to eyelash extensions, we have invested our time and energy to make sure you are safe and always satisfied with your service. Katô is a certified expert, with thousands of applications to date. She was also the first Lavish Lashes™ industry trainer in Canada, and designed her own course for professionals in collaboration with Edith Serei Academy in Montreal.

7- What is included in the cost of the service?  
Our eyelash extension application is guaranteed, and includes first touchups or optional removal (within the first three weeks). Contact us to hear more about the hottest trend in beauty!